#29 Error: hair loss not found (and also, wigs)

I’ve waited quite a while to write this particular entry. In November, I bought a real hair wig. I’d taken over 2 months to make the decision, weighing up the advantages (and just how much I wanted one) with the cost, but I gave in to myself and bought it, and I am so happy I made that decision.

I previously commented on the difference between real hair and synthetic wigs, having only briefly tried one on just to see what they were like. Now that I have been wearing solely my real hair wig for 4 months, I decided to try on one of my synthetic wigs and the difference is absolutely phenomenal. Not only does the real one look so much more real, it also feels it. The hairs are softer, lighter and are a lot cooler to wear. They also don’t matte and tangle as easily as the synthetic fibres I was used to, and are a lot easier to brush and care for. The fit of the cap is also a lot tighter on your head, and is very difficult to dislodge, unlike my synthetics which would easily slip in strong winds or with too much movement.

Then you’ve got other advantages like the fact that you can use heat products such as straighteners and curlers to style it, something that you really do not want to try with synthetics (unless you want a clump of melted plastic). There’s also the fact that the hairline of a real hair wig is general invisible. This is due to the microfiber cap, which helps the gaps between the fibres (which are all hand stitched) look like your scalp. This means I can easily tie up my hair without worrying that the joining gaps or the cap itself will be visible around my hairline, which is what happens often with my synthetic wigs unless I meticulously position the fibres with pins to hide the joins.

One of the things that I found most surprising about the real hair wig in comparison to the synthetics was how it felt so real (I know, it’s a real hair wig so it is real, but hear me out). It really feels like it is your hair, as opposed to synthetics which always feel fake. You can run your hands through it and it is just so soft and so smooth, and the whole wig doesn’t move when you do it, so it honestly feels as if it is your hair. There are moments where it has been very easy to forget that, actually, this isn’t really my hair.

Now, my own hair is a completely different story. As I’ve previously mentioned, the pattern so far is that I’ve had drastic hair loss after any period of ‘big’ exams – GCSEs, A levels, the mocks for both of these. So February was destined to be difficult for me following my first university exam session. I was 101% certain that by the end of February, I’d had lost every hair that I’ve spent the last 6 months growing. I mean, this is the normal pattern, and up to this point it’s been a consistent pattern for 6 years. As it turns out, I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Writing this post just under two months after exam season began, I’m sat here taking the monthly hair photo for March, with more hair than in February’s photo. I still can’t believe that I’m still growing hair, and after waiting anxiously for hair to start shedding all over my pillows, I think I can happily say that the pattern has broken. Obviously I can’t speak for the Summer exam season, which will no doubt be as hellish and stressful as the January ones, but for the first time in a while there seems to be solid evidence that things are on the up.


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