#24 chopped off

I’m feeling very proud of my little sister today, as she just donated her hair to The Little Princess Trust! She’s been obsessed with her long, flowing hair forever and then finally she agreed with my suggestion to chop it off to help someone else who needs it.

Pictured above: before the chop.
 As you can see from these pictures, she really did chop a lot off! It’s a big adjustment to make, and it still surprises me whenever I see her wandering about the house, but her hair does look lovely. I can’t be prouder.

The Little Princess Trust, for those who don’t know, is a UK based charity that provides children who have suffered hair loss through things like cancer treatment or alopecia with real hair wigs. The charity say that their wigs cost on average £350, but real hair wigs can cost upwards of £800 if you are buying one! The charity accepts hair donations which they then make into wigs, as well as monetary donations. If like to think that if my own hair ever grows back to an appropriate length I will also donate my own hair to the LPT, but it’s got to grow a bit more first! The minimum length the charity can use is 7″/17cm, and I’ve currently only got a couple of millimetres, so I’m quite a long way off. But I feel that I have helped the charity in another way – this year my old school house will be fundraising for the LPT as their charity this year. Despite the fact I’m no longer at the school, I’d like to think they’ll raise a s much money for them as possible (and maybe even have a few sponsored haircuts for the same reason as my little sister. For those in Parks reading this, she’s 10 and she did it, so if you’ve got long hair why not consider it? I’m sure Mrs K would welcome the “unique” fundraiser idea 😉).

If anyone else would like to read more into the Little Princess Trist, their work, fundraising for them or even donating hair, you can visit their website here.


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