#23 baby steps


I can’t express in words how excited I am at the idea that I’ve actually got some hair growth (and I don’t mean that stray eyebrow). Actual hair on my head, this is something I haven’t seen since just before Christmas. I’ve got a lot of downy hair, which is basically just really weak, unpigmented hair, growing around my hairline and on the very top of my head – and some of it’s quite long! It’s difficult to see which is why some of it has gotten quite long and I haven’t noticed it, but looking in the mirror today you can actually see quite a lot.

It’s a big relief that it’s starting to grow back, but I think it’s also quite a case study. This fits perfectly into my consultants hypothesis that I go through growth and loss cycles around exams, and funnily enough, 4 weeks after my last exam, it’s getting it’s act together and growing! It’s quite exciting to actually see progress without stepping inside my local dermatology unit for nearly 6 months.

I’m quite lucky in the way that I have cracked the mystery as to why I lose my hair, and I really do feel for other people with alopecia who simply have no clue why it goes, and especially to those clueless people whose hair never makes a reappearance. It’s a shame so little is known about alopecia, and it’s such a strange condition in the way that each case is completely unique. Maybe one day someone will crack a universal cure for it.


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