#22 fringe

Not going to lie, I think my fringe has grown. And yes, I know, that’s impossible. It may be impossible, but it really is starting to feel like it’s too long as it’s constantly in my eyes. It’s probably something to do with the amount of time I’m spending outside in breezy conditions but still.

Although I’ve been off for nearly 3 weeks now, it feels very weird that my sister breaks up for holidays in a week. I guess it’s because I know I won’t be spending much of it with her due to work, but it’s still weird. She did me the lovely pleasure of reminding me that I leave or uni in 10 weeks. It may not sound a short time, but it really hit home last night how little time I have left being in the same place as my family and my friends. It’s a bad time to be strengthening and developing close friendships, but that seems to be happening anyway. My music class (me, Jess and Liv) has gotten so much closer over the last two weeks, and despite Liv being halfway across the side of the world visiting family/having a sunny holiday, we’ve spoken every day about everything.

Whilst talking to Jess and Liv this morning (well, it was just Liv as Jess wasn’t awake at that early time of morning, but she read it all later) I realised that I really am a stereotypical girl, which is something I’ve nevere considered. When I say this, I mean that I enjoy gossiping about boys, fashion, music, everything, and then I also talk constantly. I acknowledged the ‘talking constantly’ part a while ago but the rest was more of a sudden realisation. The fashion came as a surprise this morning when we were talking about the differences in fashion between the UK and other countries, but then again I have an obsession with my new skirt (which has POCKETS) so I shouldn’t be that surprised. But this stereotypical girly-ness also now applies to personal appearance. I’ve become so vain since I got my wigs, and it’s because I finally realised that actually, I look a lot better with it. I don’t think it’s a completely vain obsession with physical appearance though, I think it’s partly to do with how much of a boost it’s given my confidence which has just made me happier.


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