#20 freedom

It’s so arrange that I’ve finished my exams. 9 A level exams later and im officially on summer holidays. Although the weather is lovely, it doesn’t feel like it’s time for summer yet; it feels like it’s April. What happened to April May and the first half of June? How is my body clock about 2 months behind?! And despite the nice weather, all I’ve done so far is complain about it. “It’s too hot”. “I don’t have any clothes suitable for hot weather”. “I can’t wear my jeans now”. It’s such a characteristically British thing, I swear, to complain about the weather in every scenario, rain or shine.

Today was the first of my three days of holiday, and I have do very little. Although I don’t start uni until the end of September, I’ve been lucky enough to get a full time summer job, and so it’s straight out of education and into work for me. I’m super excited about starting work, but at the same time I’ve had to break the bank and invest in some work suitable clothes (somehow I don’t think jeans and trainers are suitable for an office).

The end of exams also should hopefully mark the end of my hair loss. I say hopefully because I’m doubtful, but considering my hair started regrowth after my GCSEs it’s possible it’ll kick start itself into action now I’ve finished A levels. Even if it doesn’t grow back, for now I’m happy with my wigs. The long one is, in all honesty, unbearably hot in this weather (a roasting 21 degrees) so I’ve moved to wearing the short wig full time. But only when out in public. At home, it comes right off, it’s too hot for it.


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