#18 wet and windy

The weather today is really disgusting. This stormy wind and rain moved in last night and seems quite settled over my house. It raged on all through the night, keeping me awake, so I’ve had really awful sleep. I had thought about going for a run today as a revision break, but because of the weather and the agony my muscles are still undergoing thanks to a weekend exercise class (I’ll get to that in a second), I think I’ll pass.

I’m going into school today instead. Although I’m now officially on study leave, I have an exam in two days and I’m still confused about photons and other physics things that are, funnily enough, quite a big chunk of my syllabus.

I can’t wait until these exams are over with. My stress levels have reached a new maximum, and I can tell it’s affecting my hair as well as my mental health. In addition to the tearful breakdowns, I’ve had no new hair growth which is, although expected, still disappointing. I decided to finally get rid of the 6 long strands that were fighting to grow, but to the looks of it that’s all that has come back in the last few months. I think I saw some downy* hair along my hairline, but I don’t want to be too optimistic. (*unpigmented, white fluff basically)

Although I do complain about no new hair growth, in a way it’s quite beneficial, which brings me back to my point about that exercise class. A lot of my friends…no, ALL of my friends…will be amazed and also horrified to hear that I went exercising. Although, rest assured friends, I had a valid motive; Leavers’ Ball in 4 weeks’ time. My body shape currently fits under the category of “potato” and potatoes don’t really suit dresses, or not the one I intend to wear anyway. So to the exercise class I went. And my muscles regret it. I’m not designed for a mixture of dance, weight lifting and lunges and that is obvious as I still hurt two days later. Not fun. I don’t know how, but the muscles across my shoulders and collar bones hurt the most, but only when I stretch to reach for things (which happens a lot due to my shortness). But I was quite thankful for my choice in attire for this class from hell – simple workout gear, bandana and no makeup. Even with my very thin bandana, my head boiled, so I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like attempting the high energy muscle torture with a wig and makeup.


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