#17 lashes

Over the last two days, I’ve ticked two things off of my to do list. 1) buy a leather jacket. Done (well, a primark one so not real leather but it looks the part) and 2) try false eyelashes.

I’ve been nervous about trying false eyelashes for a while, my main fear being the glue. For example, what do I do if I get the glue in my eye or I glue my eyelids together? I did both of those today (the latter of which my friend Kate found hilarious) and they were worth it for the look I’ve achieved. 

   These were just a cheap £1 pair from Primark (yes, I literally do all my shopping in there) and they look surprisingly nice. I had to trim them down quite a bit but they look ok now. I used this YouTube tutorial to put the things on, and the main difficulty had to be getting the things to stay in the right place.

Now they’re on, all I can see is a fringe above my eyes and it is so weird. In the same way that you can always see your nose, I can now always see lashes that I haven’t had in 6 years – it’s the most bizarre feeling.


4 thoughts on “#17 lashes

      1. I find them a lot easier to apply, especially on clients. I think they look a lot more natural as well, a bit more delicate than the strip ones which are quite bulky x


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