#16 siblings

My brother took a long time to adjust to me losing my hair. For maybe the first year of having alopecia, he point blank refused to go out in public with me. He eventually grew out of that. I think he took a few weeks to adjust properly to my wig as well – he’s not a fan of drastic changes.

My sister, on the other hand, was too little to care much. Was. I just had the joy of realising that now my sister is used to me wearing hair out in public, she won’t go out anywhere with me if I’m not wearing hair. We’re just nipping to the shop, and when I tried to leave the house without a wig or bandana, she completely flipped out at me. I just went and got my wig, but it was quite a shock realising how much my appearance bothered my sister. In fact, it really hurt my feelings. Its reminded me of when my brother wouldn’t go out in public with me, and that hurt too, but more because it stopped me doing things with my family as I felt ashamed of what I look like. Now I’ve got that same feeling again and it’s just as horrible. What a great start to the weekend.


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