#15 Buses

To get to school by public bus, I have to change services at our local hospital. Today when I was heading in to a Music revision session, an old lady asked me how far we were from the hospital. I replied rather nicely “we’re about 5 minutes away” and this lady laughed and said “I haven’t been this way for a long time, I try to avoid hospitals. The longer you’re out of them the better, I think!”. It made me smile when she said that so off-handedly, as the last time I took this route to school (I normally get the school bus ridiculously early in the morning) I was without wig and eyebrows so looked, to be frank, quite ill. And whenever someone asked me “so where are you getting off”, they’d give me a sympathetic look as I said “oh the hospital”. Leaping to conclusions, those people, I was just on my way to school. But it was nice today to think that this lady has no idea that I spent a good year in and out of this hospital for treatment for my alopecia, and for once someone isn’t pitying me for getting off at the hospital. It was a really good feeling, and I really felt like an average teenager as I got on the next bus. The driver raised an eyebrow as I showed him my bald-pictured bus pass but said nothing (they never do) so it’s kind of nice knowing that for the first time in 6 years, everyone I pass doesn’t take a second glance because I’m wearing a headscarf. I should probably be promoting the fact that being bald doesn’t make you different, and it really doesn’t, but there is such a change in the way you feel when you go out in public with a wig compared to going out without one. To be honest, I have almost permanently moved into wearing a wig when out, but that’s more out of habit I think than self conscience.


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