#14 Mechanics

Exam time is upon me at last.

Today I had my first exam – physics mechanics. Last year I failed that paper pretty horrifically, but this years paper was kind of ok, which was a huge relief. Another huge relief was that there were no panic attacks today – which means that hopefully I’m all in the clear! Yay!

Exam 2 of 9 tomorrow: maths Core 2. In a way I’m excited about this one – I actually find this stuff really easy now I’ve been working on the same techniques but at a harder level for A2. Hopefully this enthusiasm will hold out until the exam is over tomorrow.

I seem to have had an allergic reaction to something today. I thought my face looked redder than normal when I woke up, but mum shook me off. When I got home, I still looked red and blotchy. Mum admitted she’d just said it was nothing to get me out the door to my exam, but this is so weird. My face feels no different, if anything a little hot, but is bright red and blotchy and ewwww. Yes, I’m a really vain person apparently. Hopefully it’ll go away overnight.


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