#13 Eyebrows and Cyclists

If someone could invent a beauty product to keep eyebrow powder on my face, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Today I’ve had to redraw my eyebrows on at least twice because I keep rubbing the blighters off by accident. Although I’ve got the knack of stenciling them onto my forehead now, it’s still a pain to have to carry my powder and brush around with me at all times because of my annoying habit of putting my hands on my head. Now, I’m generally quite god at not rubbing them off, but considering its A level exam time, frustration is at a maximum level so I keep putting my hands on my forehead in a very dramatic, stressful way. This also keeps transferring either parts of or my entire eyebrows onto the palms of my hands. Awkward when you’re sat in a classroom or out and about in public…

I went to do my paper round this afternoon, and for once in my life I have my awful hay fever to thank. Before exposing myself to half an hour of incessant sneezing and puffy eyes and wheezy breathing (oh the joys of being allergic to the outside) I went to grab a tissue and caught my reflection in a mirror. Thank God I did. I only had half an eyebrow left, the rest had vanished. Now, sat writing this, I again only have half an eyebrow left. I swear I stenciled them back on properly, but the powder comes off so easily. So if someone could invent something to keep it on my face, that’d be fab.

I was thinking today as I sprinted for a bus (I know, shocking, I ran) about the Olympic cyclist Joanna Roswell, who is well known not only for her gold medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games but also for her alopecia. Many have deemed Roswell as an inspiration for boldly expressing her baldness when she competes, and as much as I agree that she is a very inspirational figure for girls like me with alopecia, she doesn’t have another option really. There is no practical way for anyone to wear a wig and move quickly, as I’ve found out by sprinting for the occasional bus or cycling at speeds to try not be late for things, so Roswell really had no option but to publicise her alopecia if she wanted to compete. Still, I do admire her. It takes a lot of courage to show people that you’re bald. When I first lost all of my hair, I actually didn’t wear a bandana or anything – I just went full-bald. Then I started developing a self conscience and since then, I have only worn nothing on my head when I’m around close family. Everyone else gets either a paisley patterned bandana or more recently, wigs and eyebrows.


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