#7 bike ride

I’ve had a really nice day today. General election results in maths and just chilling in physics and then an afternoon spent cycling round town with my friend. It was quite cold and windy though, so I’ve had to be quite careful that my hair didn’t just blow away or slide off. That would’ve been awkward.

Another wig fact – don’t run in them. They bounce. Only a tiny bit, but it seems that any form of sport or exercise makes wigs want to be free, so that rules out sports for me (though I’m not complaining…).

I’m shaving my head today for the first  time in months. There’s not much hair growth, but with the A levels looming that’s no surprise. But there’s a couple of hairs there, which is a good sign for when the exam stress is out of the way.

I’ve started to wonder if anyone other than my friends reads this thing, and if so, if anyone reading it has alopecia or a wig or anything. Leave a comment of you’re not someone I know – be interesting to know who’s reading.


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