#6 phantom hair

I keep feeling like I have hair in my eyes today. Sometimes, I actually do have hair in my eyes (which hurts) but these phantom hairs (which my friend nicknamed for me) are making my eyes really itchy all the time. Funnily enough it’s only happening in my left eye, which is odd because you’d expect these phantom hairs to form on the same side as my fringe falls, but this isn’t the case. Even as I write this my eye is getting irritated, and I’m not even wearing my wig.

It’s not just my eye that’s it by tonight -for some reason my eyebrows are being weird too. It’s probably due to constantly applying and removing makeup from them, but it’s still annoying.

One of my friends is absolutely amazing at braiding/plaiting hair, and she was doing a waterfall braid in another girls hair this morning at school. It got me thinking – to what extent can I do braids/plaits in my hair? Obviously it would be difficult in the short one, but what about my long wig? Fundamentally, it’d work as you can use grips and bands and even hairspray on them. But then you have the issue of the joins at the edges of the wig – particularly by your temples and your hairline? If you pull the hair so much they’d show, and that would defeat the object of the wig not looking like it is plainly not real hair. Maybe I’ll experiment on my long hair one day to see what I can do. Or I could ask my friend nicely (read bribe with Skittles sweets) to see what she could do.


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