#5 wig washing 101

Many people have asked my what it’s like washing my hair, so considering I had to wash one of my wigs this evening, I thought I’d share some wisdom with the world. Now, I’m no wig care expert, but I know how to care for mine, so surely I’m doing something right.

Do you have to take it off to wash it?

Well, I do. It’s a lot easier. Considering my wigs are synthetic, the water drips off of them quite easily, so I tend to soak mine on water that I’ve put shampoo (or conditioner) in.

Do you have to use special products?

Currently, I am using specialist products for use on synthetics. I use both shampoo and conditioner from T Range, which were both gifts from my new hair dresser. Even though these work very well, I know that normal hair care products work well too as a family friend who also wears wigs has always used normal products. As I mentioned in a previous post, if you really have nothing, baking soda can be a quick fix in an emergency but I somehow don’t think that’s a long-term solution.

How long does it take to completely wash and dry it?

Both of my wigs take about 15 minutes to wash with both shampoo and conditioner. This is because I soak them in water that I’ve bubbled up with the shampoo or conditioner. It takes so long because after I’ve soaked my hair in shampooed water for a couple of minutes, I then rinse and repeat the process using conditioner instead of shampoo.

Drying takes a lot longer because you can’t use heat on synthetics. Because I generally wash my wigs in the evenings, I tend to leave them on their stands to dry naturally overnight. I’d guess that the short one takes about 3 hours to dry, and the long one takes about 6. Before someone says it, I guess I could use a hairdrier on a cold setting, but I haven’t quite been able to get the courage up to try that yet as I’d rather not risk melting or damaging my hair.

Does it get tangled when you wash it?

You bet it does. So many tangles. The longer one is definitely the worst culprit for that. Although the tangled are very easy to manage when the fibres are completely dry. One of the one things I got told to never do was brush my wigs when the fibres are wet. A couple of sprays of spray in conditioner and with gentle brushing the knots just come out – hurrah!

Bonus question: Don’t your family find it odd finding your wigs around the house, either when they’re drying after washing them or just normally?

There are so many funny stories I could share where I’ve freaked out my family by leaving my wigs around the house, but I’ll only share two. The first funny story, which is in reality and almost daily occurence, is my family find my short wig on the kitchen. Now, before people scream “HYGIENE?!” at me, I don’t leave it just lying on the counter, ok? When I get home, I take my wigs off because otherwise I boil, and the first room I tend to go in is the kitchen (gravitating towards the food). This habit started when I first wore my wig to school, as it was the first day id actually worn a wig for longer than 3 hours and came home with my head boiling. Needless to say, it came straight off and I just put in on top of a pile of post in the kitchen. My mum tells me off for putting my wig on my pile of letters most days, but I’m not one to break a habit.

The other funny story was when my brother walked into the bathroom when I was washing my wig. I’d left my wig to soak in the sink whilst I went to get something from my bedroom, and the next thing I hear is “What is the dead animal in the sink and why is it covered in bubbles?!” I got in a giggling fit over that one. Since then, I’ve announced to my house that I’m wig washing and they leave me alone.


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