#4 Extreme winds

It’s been blowing a gale all day today, so I’ve spent most of my day avoiding the outside. Luckily, school tends to be an indoors activity, so I’ve only had to battle my way through the hurricane-strength winds a couple of times. The times that I have been out today, I’ve had to clutch my hand firmly to my wig, which must look really funny to anyone passing by. The pains we wig-wearers have to go to in ridiculous weather to look (relatively) normal…

I make it sound as if I spend enough time outside day-to-day to avoid it. That’s a lie really. I’m very much an inside-with-Netflix-in-bed girl, and when you add this movie addiction to the extreme hay fever (thank you, spring) I’m pretty much always inside.

One thing I really hate about wigs in the wind is the fact that the slightest breeze and the hair is a complete mess. Sat at the bus stop writing this, I’m getting really annoyed by the tangles in my hair. “Short hair is more manageable day-to-day” they said. Lies. They obviously forgot to factor in the fact that living on the coast means winds, and I’m sure that every girl out there will agree that wind + hair = disaster. Thank god for the spray in conditioner I have waiting for me at home – it works miracles on synthetic tangles and friction frizz.


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