#3 family partaay

It’s a really sunny day today, and that always puts me in a good mood.

The exhilarating feeling of the wind blowing through your hair never goes away, especially when you’ve got really long hair and the wind whips it away behind you. When I was doing my paper round earlier the wind was blowing my hair everywhere, and besides the thrilling feeling of “my hair is being blown away by the wind” there was also the slight worry of “I really hope this wind doesn’t pick up otherwise my hair will really be blown away.” Another alopecia perk. Luckily for the general public driving past, my wig decided to stay firmly put on my head and they didn’t have a shock of seeing someone’s hair fly off.

The other disadvantage of alopecia in the wind is the synthetic hair  blowing in your face, specifically in your eyes. Although the synthetic hair is really light (and to be completely honest exactly like natural hair) without eyelashes, it sure is a pain when it gets in your eyes. I’m prone to having the hairs stick in my eyes (it hurts as much as it sounds) which means awkwardly pulling them out. I’ve been thinking about trying false eyelashes, mainly because of this almost daily occurrence on my paper round, but I’m not sure. I mean, surely they’re designed to stick on already existing lashes, so would they be permanently stuck on my eyes? Would the glue go in my eyes? Hmm, maybe I’ll save that experiment for the holidays.

The people who live on my paper round route must be pretty confused by now, as some days I have shoulder length hair, others I have longer hair, and some days I don’t even bother with a wig and just go bald…but only when it’s warm. You lose something like 40% of your body heat through your head, and I can agree with that statement on a cold, no-wig day.

I’ve got a family party later for a cousins birthday, and I can almost guarantee we’ll be having a barbecue. That ruins any plans I had to wear my long wig today. The disadvantage with synthetics is that they retain smells really well – I had a friends party a few days after getting my wig and she had a bonfire – I stunk of smoke the next day, but luckily I could shower that off. My wig on the other hand didn’t just stop smelling of bonfire after a quick rinse with cold water. I didn’t have any shampoo at that point (or any designed for synthetics anyway) so after summoning knowledge from the Google, I discovered an emergency shampoo – baking soda. That’s really got rid of the awful smell thankfully. Now I have proper synthetics shampoo and conditioner and they are fantastic as they’re so easy to use. But washing my wigs takes a lot of time as you have to let them dry naturally (as you can’t use heat on them) so I try to avoid situations where I have to wash them (like smelly bonfires and barbecues). But if I have to be in such situations (like family parties) then short hair it is – it takes a lot less time to dry – only about 3 hours as opposed to about 6.


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