#2 Lazy Sunday

Today has been a really good day. Lazy Sunday spent in my pyjamas trawling aimlessly through youtube and spotify – the ideal habitat for a music student.

I only really got up at 4pm today (which is awful) and haven’t done any studying. I’ll regret that later.

One of the things that I have done today is mess around with makeup in front of the mirror. It’s taken a while for me to get my eyebrows consistently perfect (or near perfect) using my  stencil set from Tropic, but today they just went on in the right place the first time – success! The Tropic eyebrow stencils and powder I use make my morning routine so much easier, and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who pencils in their eyebrows, alopecia or otherwise. And no, my version of “morning” isn’t normally 4pm.

I spend a lot of time doing make up when I can be bothered. Without eyelashes, there is no easy mascara application to make your eyes look decent in the mornings. I tend to use a mixture of eyeliners to achieve the same look, using a kohl liner to tight line both my upper and lower eyelids (or if in being lazy, just the upper lid), and then also a liquid liner to go above that on the upper eyelid. Although liquid eyeliner has been a pain in the past, I use an eyeliner pen now, which has made it a lot easier to get a smooth line considering I have super shaky hands.

Anyway, this afternoon was a “be bothered” day with makeup. As well as all the eyeliner, I’ve ended up using multiple eyeshadows, concealer, foundation, blusher and lipstick. It’s funny how much makeup can transform your face, because from eyebrows to lipstick I look a completely new person. After make up came the next decision – long hair or short hair? Although my short hair is a lot more manageable for day-to-day wearing, I prefer my long one when I want to look like I’ve made an effort. I feel a lot more comfortable in my long wig too – it makes me feel more confident in myself for some unknown reason. I started off with my long hair today, but after about half an hour with it, I actually swapped to my shorter one. As much as I love swishing my longer hair and running my fingers through it and brushing it, it’s like a radiator. Note to wig makers: breatheability. That’s one of the perks of being bald – I get to chop and change my hairstyle in 10 seconds if I want.


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